Energy Conservation Facts

People never imagined before that there will be a development in technology. No one has ever thought of inventing something that can bring light to the world. It is not easy to do your work when there is only a dim light. Lamps or candles are the source of light before the invention of the light bulb. Through Thomas Edison, the inventor of light bulb, and Benjamin Franklin whose experiments led into the discovery of electricity, we can now use both and do our activities with convenience.

Now, people all over the world are enjoying the benefits of using energy. There are also important things that we need to know about the use of energy especially the necessity to practice energy conservation. Everything is limited on the earth. Even the energy that we use everyday can be consumed soon. There are different sources of energy that we have such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydrogen, tidal, wave, hydroelectric, and biomass. Though it seems like there are many sources of energy, these will soon last.

This is the reason why energy conservation is being implemented. It is for everyone’s sake that energy or electricity should be conserved. The environment that we live in can be greatly affected if we do not practice this. To save the environment, we have to at least do this one thing, energy conservation. The use of less energy through turning off the light and unplugging electrical appliances especially when not in use are examples of energy conservation.