Facts to Know about Global Energy Consumption

Energy consumption surely increases as time goes by. The global energy consumption from the start of the 20th century has increased more. This thing cannot be avoided because of the continuous development and the increase in population. In terms of percentage, there is an increase in global primary energy consumption between the year 2008 and 2013. Every year, there is an increase in energy consumption even in developing countries that have a stagnant economic growth. Among the types of energy being consumed more globally is the crude oil.

Though the percentage is less than 40%, it is still quite high and is expected to increase more on the following years. Even coal consumption increased. As the consumption increases, more problem or global issues arise. In fact, it is the fastest growing fossil fuel that is being consumed year after year. There is also the renewable energy which is known to be the fastest in terms of growth among all other energy sources. And a good house cleaning is here to help you more click 淨麗美清潔. And for sure, it will continue to rise in the future.

The global energy consumption is one of the greatest concerns that should be solved. But, it is not easy to think of the effective and possible solutions wherein there will be less negative effects or consequences. If all citizens are willing to save the environment, then that will be the best news to hear. The problem with energy consumption does not occur in just few countries. Best help is a good company who do the cleaning start reading here www.detailing.com.tw/house-clean/.  It is a global concern that affects all the people including other living creatures.