Environmental Concerns of Today

Pollution, climate change, global warming, and waste disposal are some of the environmental concerns that are becoming severe. These environmental concerns affect many all over the world. Let’s start with pollution as one of the major global environmental problem. As you know, there are different types of pollution such as air and water pollution. For the air pollution, this is caused by the smoke that comes from factories and vehicles that uses fuel. As it is continually accumulated on the earth’s atmosphere, the ozone layer is affected.

As a result, there is climate change or global warming. This is being experienced these days and if we do not do something to at least reduce air and water pollution, global warming will become severe and we are to experience more of the change in our climate. Waste disposal is another major problem. With the growth of the world’s population and also the demand for food resources is increasing, the garbage are continually being accumulated day by day resulting to problem with waste disposal.

Deforestation is another major problem that is continually arising. Since population is increasing, people need to build their own house and with that, the solution is to cut trees. Whatever environmental problem that continually arise these days, the most important thing is for us to think of how to protect the environment. If there are no solutions for this, then there is no hope to save the earth. But, each of us can do something such as energy conservation and the proper waste management.